I feel happy and satisfied for no reason.

There is someone in my life I cannot forgive.

I don’t blame others or complain.

I live in the moment.

My head is full of internal chatter.

I feel alive, vital, and energetic.

I worry a lot.

I experience a deep sense of peace & well-being.

I don’t let bad situation keep me down.

I feel inspired by a purpose in my life.

Sometimes I feel like a victim.

Life is a great adventure for me.

The universe is not a very friendly place.

I’m looking for things to fix.

I’m enthusiastic about what I do.

I feel a lot of joy.

There is a gift or lessons in everything that happens.

People around me are not that supportive.

My life is quite burdensome.

I am able to let go and forgive.

My negative thoughts don’t overshadow me.

I tend to judge others a lot.

I love myself.

I feel at one with everything.

I am a God fearing person.

I look for the good in every person I meet.

I’m always trying to get the approval of others.

I feel a general sense of gratitude.

Inside I feel a little empty.

I’m connected to something bigger than myself.

I change what I can and accept what I cannot.

Everything in my life is perfect just as it is.

I’m sensitive to criticism.

I sometimes get angry, but for a good reason.

Quite often bad things happen to good people.


Happiness Assessment Interpretation


Scores range from plus 85 to minus 55.

65 – 80 You are a fairly advance soul who is generally happy for no reason.
45 – 64 You are a generally happy person, but you have room for improvement.
25 – 44 You have glimpses of what its like to be happy for no reason.
1 – 25 You have a lot of work to do and you have little idea who you really are.
-25 – 0 You are probably a very unhappy person.
< -25 You are probably depressed.

Total Score for Column C = ZZZ

21 – 25 Either you are a very evolved soul or you really wanted to look good taking this test and have invalidated the results.